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Molton Brown UK  Re-charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar
Molton Brown UK  Re-charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar

Re-charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar


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  • Black Pepper Soap


      A moisturising body exfoliator scrub blended with black peppercorn oil and bergamot.

      The black peppercorns (to scrub away dead skin cells) will help your skin looking clean and polished whilst remaining beautifully scented.

      The fragrance
      Antioxidant-rich black peppercorn oil.
      Bergamot (smells like earl grey tea).
      Oakmoss for a green, woody note.

      Find out more about this fragrance.

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      London via Madagascar 
      Heated sands. A spice-spiked breeze. Skin warmed by the sun.

      Hot. Spicy. Adventurous.

      Fragrance family: SPICY


      Why you'll love it
      Far from a traditional soap, our Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar works as an exfoliator to polish the skin and a gentle cleanser for the body.


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    Product code: MR003

    Size: 250g


    Re-charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar 4.3 5 26 26
    Superb Outstanding Soap Bar This is really a lovely soap bar and puts the Black Pepper watery shower gel to shame.The soap bar has the proper Black Pepper fragrance where the shower gel just has a weak effort of a fragrance that has been watered down. The soap bar is great to hold and is nice and chunky in the shower or bath. The lather and fragrance are superb and of premium quality and actually lasts on the skin for several hours where the shower gel fragrance is gone in 10 minutes! BUY THE SOAP NOT THE SHOWER GEL which is rubbish!! 01 July 2016
    Happy hubby Hubby received this as part of a Christmas present gift set from MB. He suffers from ingrown hairs and spots on his back (due to his workwear) and after a few weeks he noticed an improvement in his skin. I notice that some people were talking about the lack of smell, he personally liked the woody-coaly smell without it being overpowering. I am about to but him his next bar because it is getting low, he uses it 3-4 times a week and has done since Christmas. Great value product for men! 17 March 2015
    Black pepper body scrub The soap lacked any fragrance and the insert of black peppers did little to enhance the product. It was expensive and whilst the bars are huge, it was quantity, not quality in my opinion. 26 November 2014
    Lovely scrub Really nice invigorating scrub! Lovely black pepper spicy scent, and nice big scrubbing pieces. Leaves you feeling lovely and clean and soft without that oily feeling that you get with most scrubs. Really nice product. 26 September 2014
    Super fragrance I purchased the re-charge Black Pepper body wash a while back and absolutely loved it. I decided to try the body scrub bar, and found it almost as intoxicating. I planned to return to the body wash, but after hearing it's been watered down, I instead stuck with the re-charge body scrub bar. It lasts for weeks as well, as does the other bar Molton Brown sells. I love smelling the inside of the box after removing the body scrub, as well. Such a distinct, warming spicy fragrance. Please don't change the body scrub bar - as you have the body wash - Molton Brown. 04 June 2014
    Perfect for an indulgent shower time treat Having heard so much about the infamous black peppercorn range, I splashed out on the Recharge Black Pepper body scrub bar. This has a wonderful texture and the size of the cracked peppercorns is just right to allow a handsome exfoliation. The fragrance itself is fantastic and it certainly lingers on the skin and throughout my bathroom following each use. One thing I would really appreciate is a dish to store the bar in, especially as I travel a lot and would love to take this with me without causing a mess in my toiletry bag! 29 May 2014
    Definately an exfoliator! Thankfully a very large bar so good for the price. Very subtle but lovely fragrance. Excellent exfoliator and hasn't left my skin dry but just soft. I would definitely treat myself again. And no empty bottle/tube to dispose of when finished :-) 29 May 2014
    Body scrub This works really well and made my skin nice and soft and smooth 01 April 2014
    Must have beauty treat Skin feels totally invigorated and refreshed! Happy days! 10 January 2014
    boyfriend loved it! bought as one of his stocking fillers - he has loves it 03 January 2014
    soap love it soooo long lasting would defiantly buy it more if it wasn't so expencive thank you 26 March 2013
    One of my Favorite Products Love this product wash and removes unwanted skin with out feeling like you are using a brick 30 December 2012
    A must for men Black Pepper is a Well loved product in my family of men. I also love liquid soap and hand lotion. 20 December 2012
    A morning refresher I will not go anywhere without this bodyscrub bar !! It ticks every box for me and I think I am probably addicted. A glorious way to start the day 25 September 2012
    Why did they change the formula?! My husband loves this soap bar, but they've changed the formula! I'm so disappointed! It still has a great texture, but it's completely different. The small is almost non-existent (just sort of a clean smell rather than the black pepper scent!). This is happening with a lot of MB products and it makes me so sad, because we've been loyal customers for about 5 years, and you get attached to certain products & favorite scents. It's unfortunate. 05 October 2016
    My Molton Brown Product I really love this, it lathers up really well and makes a lot of foam, it lasts long and the scent stays a quite a while. I would recumbent the body lotion after as its does tend to leave the skin a bit dry. 08 March 2016
    Great soap! Great smell! This is an excellent bar of soap and it is huge which makes it a good value. This bar contains black peppercorns which exfoliate you skin and leave it feeling smooth and smelling even better. This bar may be too abrasive for some but I enjoy it's scrubbing power since I don't use it everyday. I am thrilled that this bar stays true to the original Re-Charge Black Pepper scent. It is this fact that gives this bar so much value. That being said, a soap bar is a completely different animal that a liquid/gel body wash and because of this the scent may not be as pronounced as the original body wash used to be. Still this is an excellent product that I highly recommend. 27 January 2016
    MONSTER SIZED bar of soap! I received this MONSTER SIZED Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar, 8.8 fl. oz. from my wife for Christmas. I don't think the photo does it true justice but rest assured, this bar is not the same size as your typical Irish Spring. This thing is a GIGANTIC MONSTER BRICK. Be prepared! After reading some of the reviews on this page, there appears to be a lot of direct comparisons between the body wash and the scrub bar. It's true that one might jump to the conclusion that the two would smell the same, except for a couple of key differences: #1.) This is a scrub bar in the flavor of Black Pepper (not Black PepperCORN, as is the case with the body wash). #2.) This is a scrub bar, a completely different scientific compound than a liquid wash. So you see, the two products are going to be a little different in texture, smell, etc. LET'S BEGIN: Upon unwrapping the scrub bar from its cardboard container, the scent of black pepper and zesty lemon flourished through the room. Ahhh... splendid! While the scent is very close to the Molton Brown Body Wash, Black Peppercorn, 10 fl. oz., the hint of zesty lemon is a nice addition. I found the blend to be a unique essence truly inspired by craftsmen who understand the fine tuning of luxury and masculinity. You can feel the black pepper immediately on your skin, and working up a hearty lather is refreshing in itself just from the added bit of lemon in such close proximity to your nose. The bar leaves your skin at a medium level dryness (compared to other bar soaps), and the skin is tingly and invigorated , rip roaring to go! *Hi-ya!* After the initial trial, the bar itself acted as a testosterone-fused air freshener for the bathroom in our home. Well done, Molton Brown! Well done. If you want the full brunt of a Molton Brown Black Pepper experience (which it sounds like many other reviewers are hoping to achieve), might I suggest using this scrub bar in addition with Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Anti-Perspirant Stick, 2.6 fl. oz.. This should satisfy your cravings. If however, you want to experience the scrub bar for its own muscle, this mighty mass should more than suffice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 13 January 2016
    The magic pudding of soap When one spends one's hard won on something as innocuous a s soap it is reasonable to expect a couple of things as given. That it gets you clean, that it smells great, and it is easy to hold on to so as to not 'drop' the soap? On all three accounts Molton Browns Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar delivers. The 'rub' however is that the bar just keeps on going, seeming to last a couple of months equating to greet value. Well done Molton, well done. 12 November 2015
    Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar Sorry, but this bar is WAY too scratchy and irritating; I'm just using it up and would never order again. I cannot imagine actually trying to rub it on my skin, as the black peppercorns will leave scratch marks on my skin. I have loved other Moulton Brown products, but this one is a definite no for reorder. I should have returned it. 01 January 2015
    A BAR OF SOAP After one use the soap lacked any fragrance. In my opinion it's not a quality product and was returned. 30 November 2014
    Bar is too big love everything about the product except the size (its just too big) and the price. This was one of the first luxury soap products, and Molton brown was the first luxury soap/beauty company I have bought from since discovering you guys last year, but I've found other companies and products that are making me choose their soaps, etc. 27 November 2014
    Great Tool! I really like the way that this bar soap exfoliates and the way it leaves the skin feeling. It's very refreshing and also I think has had a good impact on the health of my skin. The only issue is that, like many bar soaps, it doesn't last too long, especially if it's not kept out of water as much as absolutely possible. I've thought about also interchanging it with a body wash, just to not exfoliate too often. 12 November 2014
    Not an everyday product I love Molton Brown products and recommend this one, but just not for everyday use. It is rough on the skin but exfoliates well. A big downer about it - WAY too strong of a floral scent. It sits in the shower with the shower door closed and I still smell it from the bedroom. Maybe store it in one of those soap travel kits? 29 October 2014
    My new and forever soap/scrub! Awesome! The black pepper is an excellent scrub and it lasts through the whole bar. The smell is wonderful. Just wish I had found this sooner, but I am now a customer for life! Try it, you won't regret it! 22 August 2014
    Best Bar Soap on the Market My first use of this bar of soap was aboard a Seaborne Cruise Line adventure. The pepper inside of the soap make your skin feel so great because it exfoliates as the creamy soap itself moisturizes your skin. I also find that these bars of soap last longer then any other on the Market, I can justify the higher cost because of the highest quality of ingredients and a single bar lasts me about 4-6 weeks. Though when I order them I always order about 6 bars because I find these bars of soap to be great presents, that I give to friends & family when I put together a small basket of zen items some of which I buy and other that I had make. There is nothing better then having someone wash your back with the Black Pepper Body Scrub Bar ! I use it daily and I will never go back to any other Bar soap again ! This product is the Top of the Line. Seaborne Cruise actually gave me the choice of 3 different bars of top of the line Bar Soaps, but this was the one I loved as soon as I unwrapped it from it's box. The fragrance was scented just right for a man or a woman, it lathers up so quickly and made my skin feel tingling and fresh. It is a shame that Molton Brown does not give out small samples of this item, but I was sure happy it was offered to me on my cruise, otherwise I would have never found such a great product !! I will also never go back to any other Bar soap on the Market. The skin is the largest organ in your body, therefore I treat my skin with the best and the Re-charge Black Pepper Soap is a Must Have in my book !! I actually travel with a bar around the world with me, I urge more and more 5 star hotels to start offering this product to their customers. Be sure to order 1 bar for yourself, once you start using it, you will be like me and go back and order a few more. 11 June 2013
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