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At Home With

Fashion for Lunch

Inside story of style and fragrance.

Get the ‘inside story’ of style and fragrance in the first in a series of curious conversations about the homes of our Molton Brown devotees.

Facing a blank canvas, blogger, stylist and creative, Kirsty of Fashion for Lunch prefers to paint in full colour, describing her style as playful, vintage and modest. “I love every room for different reasons! Each one has a colour theme with lots of statement chairs, sofas and plenty of print.” With an eclectic vision, and a love for colourful fashion and beauty, it’s no wonder her infectious style and penchant for bold hues shows in her abode.

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It's filled with super kitsch colourful items which I've had for years and years; it's a bit of a playground of colour.

Ylang-Ylang Three Wick Candle

Kirsty’s dreamily decorative home is aptly located close to Margate’s Dreamland amusement park, where she lives with her significant other and unbelievably adorable Labrador puppy, Gordon. “We bought our house two and a half years ago and it's taken a long time to get it from feeling like a building site to a home.” Transforming a building site into a house, then into a home lies in the details, she explains, “It's the really simple things; a sofa, a cup of tea, a scented candle and some soft lighting and, of course, my boyfriend and our puppy!” Making time for accessorising really complements the spirit of her home, where a mix of shapes, colours and objets d’art accent the walls and shelves, “I love accessorising! I could spend hours placing things on shelves and side tables, I love it!”. She continues, “I love mixing up the shapes of square items like chopping boards, books and frames with round and spherical items like candles and pineapples (I have a lot of ornamental pineapples!).”

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The scent has to be beautiful and right for the mood of the room.

Taking inspiration from both scent and colour, Kirsty describes getting the balance in her home just right, “The scent has to be beautiful and right for the mood of the room, but the colour of the candle is important too. Luckily with Molton Brown, I love all the fragrances and there are so many different hues to choose from, there's always going to be something that suits the mood and the room!” Kirsty starts small to infuse a space with style and personality, “choose your statement items first and build the room from there”. Her advice for a happy home is simple; take risks, “It might be a statement sofa you adore, fabric you can't stop thinking about or a vintage rug you are obsessed with.”

Blogger Kristy's relaxing rituals

A few relaxing rituals are truly what makes a house a home – Kirsty breaks down her guide to a pampering evening:

“I usually find myself running a bath, lighting a soothing candle, putting lashings of bath products in a bath (I usually use a mix of detoxing bath salts, bath oil and a foaming bath soak!), turning the lights off and putting on a podcast... following it up with a pair of new pyjamas and clean sheets. It's a cliché, but it works!”

Her favourite fragrances to unwind with include a heady mix of masculine aromas; “these are the ones my boyfriend buys for the bathroom, he's also a big MB fan and I associate these fragrances with home and him.”

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