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Lust Living

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This month, we caught up with chic interior lifestyle blogger Olivia Silk, aka Lust Living. When she began her award-winning lifestyle blog she never dreamed of the success it would bring her. Three years and more than 50,000 Instagram followers later, her flair for envisioning modern habitable living spaces is down to a fine art. In between chats about her inspiration and favourite corners of her home, she shares her tips for primping our abodes in time for Christmas.

Blogger Quote

We invested in a gorgeous - very realistic, frosted faux Christmas tree last year and it’s the best thing ever!

Ylang-Ylang Three Wick Candle

As a self-professed lover of all things pink and gold, Olivia describes her interior style as something that is constantly evolving with the trends. “At the moment, my style lies somewhere between ‘Chic’ and ‘Scandi’." For inspiration, she tends to turn to Pinterest and Instagram - “they’re a great source of ideas. Pinterest, in particular, is so useful for helping you picture whether an idea you have in your head will work in your home.”

When asked about the areas in her home she enjoys the most, she is quick to call out her living room - “it’s where we spend most of our time together – (me and my fiancé) and our two dogs. When the open fire is crackling - it’s a cosy dream.” However, her evenings wouldn’t be complete without a scented candle or two to set the mood. “My favourites are Fiery Pink Pepper and Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, and for the upcoming Christmas festivities, Muddled Plum is just divine!”

String Lights and Candles
Pink pepper collection

I love adding string lights and candles for a twinkly atmosphere.

Olivia is keen to festoon her tree for Christmas – and it’s proudly artificial. “We invested in a gorgeous very realistic, frosted faux Christmas tree last year and it’s the best thing ever!” But when it comes to the decorations, she doesn’t go overboard – less is more. “We mainly keep our decorations to the lounge: the big frosted tree, lots of candles and a gold and blush colour palette. Not forgetting, a festive eucalyptus wreath to hang on the front door.”

Once the season is in full swing, she likes to celebrate by hosting a gathering; this means going that extra mile to instil merriment. “I love adding string lights and candles for a twinkly atmosphere, and I normally drape a cotton flower garland along the middle of our dining table on top of a washed linen tablecloth.”

Olivia’s Christmas will be even sparklier this year, “The Muddled Plum Scented Glitter will definitely be making an appearance to enhance the table setting.” On the subject of table settings, she already has her menu prepped (with a little help from her mum). “My mum always adds chopped up chestnuts and bacon to Brussel sprouts - it’s delicious, especially for someone who doesn’t even like sprouts.”

Blogger Kristy's relaxing rituals

When she’s not entertaining this season, you’ll likely find her soaking in the bath or snuggled up under a chunky blanket while filling up on cheese, biscuits and of course, mulled wine.

2018 has been a productive year for Olivia, which has included numerous influencer awards and even a personalised fragrance collection. 2019 is fast approaching, and there's no sign of her success slumping. “Job-wise, I’m cutting my days down at work to focus more on my blogging, and home-wise, I’m hoping that we will be in a position to start renovating our garage next.” To add to this, she is tying the knot with her fiancé in June. “Extremely exciting times ahead!” She beams.

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