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Serene Coco & Sandalwood

Behind The Blend

London via The Philippines

The milky white of freshly cut coconut. Honey dripped from spoon to lip. Gandang drum heard along the shore. Close your eyes and head to the islands.

Flawless. Gentle. Comforting.

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The fragrance

Fresh top notes of creamy Filipino coconut, milk and spicy-sweet cinnamon melt flawlessly into a heart of honeyed jasmine, cedarwood and copahu; comforting sandalwood, guaiac wood and vetiver blend for rounded, subtle depth.

Extract - Star Anise Top noteCoconut
Top Note - Magnolia Heart noteJasmine
Heart Note - Lily Of The Valley Base noteSandalwood
Base Bote - Ylang-Ylang ExtractCoconut fruit


The exotic fruit

A precious exotic fruit, the coconut releases a fresh, soft scent reminiscent of powdery-white sand beaches and warm summer days. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps skin to naturally rid of toxins, while providing the perfect combination of hydration and antioxidants.


The sacred element

Sandalwood is a cherished element in religious and spiritual traditions of the East, used for meditation and calming the mind. In perfumery it has the role of a harmonising note, adding a graceful aroma without overpowering the top and heart notes.

The Inspiration

Serene Coco & Sandalwood captures the serenity and peacefulness of a balmy morning on a Filipino beach.

Inviting turquoise waters contrast against the green palm forests, while hidden idyllic shores reveal themselves in the tropical archipelago, drawing the dramatic backdrop for the harmonious blend.

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A scent for your

Bring the serenity of a Filippino beach into your home with the new Serene Coco & Sandalwood Home Fragrance Collection, featuring elegant scented candles, aroma reeds and home and linen mist.

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