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Fashionably Wrapped

Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas


When it comes to gifting it can be a challenge to come up with original Christmas wrapping ideas. This year, amaze family and friends with our three unique designs, inspired by our Limited Edition Collections.

Herbaceous Homage

Herbaceous Homage!

Supplies: brown wrapping paper, gift box (optional), natural twine, pine needles, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, scissors, clear tape.

For an aromatic approach to gift wrapping, think Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine with its festive forest notes.

After wrapping your gift, starting at the front, wrap your twine so that it crosses over on the back, then wind it around to the front. Repeat three times and fasten with a double knot.

Finally, arrange spruces of pine needles, cinnamon sticks, and anything else that catches your eye by threading them through sections of the twine.

Plum Bows

Plum Bows

Supplies: silver/glitter wrapping paper, gift box (optional), purple grosgrain ribbon, scissors, clear tape, glue.

Purple is effortlessly chic, a lot like our irresistible Muddled Plum Collection. Master the art of the classic ribbon bow for a luxurious look.

First, create two loops with the ribbon - go as big or small as you like, but ensure they are even.

Next, fold the left loop over the right and bring it around and back through the middle hole.

Finally, make a secure knot in the middle and give the ends a traditional notched trim.

Vintage Twist

Vintage Twist

Supplies: gold-flecked wrapping paper, gift box (optional), gold wrapping paper, gift tag, scissors, clear tape, tape measure.

Our celebratory Vintage With Elderflower fragrance gets an on-trend woven twist.

Begin by measuring and cutting six strips from the gold wrapping paper, approximately 2cm wide. If your gift isn’t a perfect cube ensure that three of the pieces are longer.

Position the ends of three strips on the base and secure them with clear tape, then wrap them evenly around the gift and again secure with tape on the base.

Lastly, in the opposite direction, thread the remaining strips evenly through the previous trio. Once satisfied, using a final piece of tape, secure the ends on the base.

Consider adding berries, dried oranges and various seasonal herbs to the arrangement.

The Art of Wrapping
Christmas in Concert

The Art of Wrapping

Sharpen your paper wrapping skills in time for Christmas with the four easy steps below.

  1. Cut the paper so that it's wider than what you're wrapping and place the gift in the centre.
  2. Cover the gift with one side of the paper and then make a fold along the edge of the opposite side. Secure the folded edge in the middle with clear tape.
  3. Push the unwrapped sides inward, so they are both pressed against the gift. Then flatten the newly-formed triangle folds so that both flaps overlap.
  4. Finally, with a piece of clear tape secure the folds and marvel at your masterpiece.

If all else fails, visit one of our stores and let us wrap your Molton Brown luxuries on your behalf with our complimentary gift wrapping service.