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Maïa Lernout


Maïa Lernout is a Senior Perfumer with a graceful and meticulous eye. She is ardently passionate about expressing joy through bright floral fragrances and natural ingredients. Her distinctively elegant and modern compositions seek the light in every scent. Her fragrance Flora Luminare pays homage to the Tiare flower of Tahiti, which yields a rare, radiant oil.

I’m always fighting for the beautiful. I’m not interested in doing the same thing.

Perfumer Maia Lernout

Maïa belongs to a lineage of artistic, freethinking women. Her great-grandmother raised eyebrows for studying at L’École des Beaux-Arts during the 19th Century. As a child, she spent evenings in her mother’s painting studio; the balmy breeze from eucalyptus trees blending with the woody notes of charcoal sketches. As she fondly announces, her mother gave her the “education of the eye”.

Maïa is drawn to perfume’s collision between art and science. Her love of ballet, opera and haute couture convey a mind avid for creativity balanced with discipline – “I’m always fighting for the beautiful”.

Flora Luminare Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum narrate a utopian tale; of an inflorescent paradise bathed by a luminous, languid morning.

My mother gave me the education of the eye and I apply this aesthetic in my fragrances.

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Flora Luminare Eau de Parfum

Flora Luminare Eau de Parfum

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Flora Luminare Eau de Toilette

Flora Luminare Eau de Toilette

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