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Eau De Toilette vs Eau De Parfum


Your Perfume Buying Guide


Selecting a signature scent can be tricky – and especially bewildering online. Let us guide you through the online fragrance-buying experience with our top tips.

Seville Cathedral

Shop by Scent Memory

Start by identifying your scent profile.

This is an amalgam of the perfumes you’ve worn throughout your lifetime; the fragrances that you grew up around and the scents you’re drawn to now.

Are you entranced by the energising notes of citrus fragrances that capture a delicious mid-morning breeze? Or perhaps creamy floral aromas provide a scent snapshot of childhood holidays to exotic frangipani-lined shores?

Our ‘heavenly words’ – found on each of our product pages – are composed to help you understand how you’ll feel when wearing each fragrance. Take time to explore our product pages and establish whether or not they match your individual lifestyle.

Choose by Fragrance Type

Choose by Fragrance Type

Once you’ve established your scent profile, you’ll be a step closer to finding your ideal fragrance family. Fragrance families are a way to classify perfumes in olfactory groups, dependant on their composition and characteristics.

For instance, the citrus family is fresh and invigorating, while a chypre is sophisticated and warm with fruity-floral notes. Woody fragrances are dry, deep and rich, while, more uniquely, the aromatic fragrance type is fresh and herbaceous.

Fragrance Finder

Try the Fragrance Finder

Choosing a personal signature scent can be overwhelming. We’ve developed an interactive profiling tool that charts your emotional response to sensory stimulae – a journey of ‘self-discovery’.

Through a series of illuminating questions that connect you to your perfect match, you’ll learn as much about yourself as the fragrance that suits your unique, unfiltered personality.

Start the Fragrance Finder now
Note the Mood

Note the Mood

The olfactory and emotional centres of our brain are closely linked, which means that scents we encounter directly correlate with our experiences and memories. It also means that certain aromas can have huge positive impacts on our mind and body.

Citrus notes help to awaken the senses and boost energy and alertness, while vanilla notes are proven to elevate feelings of joy and relaxation. Flower oils, like jasmine or lavender, can create a calm mood. Consider the mood you want to create: would you like to captivate, mystify or awaken the senses?

Join Us In-store

Join Us In-store

If you’re still unsure, join us in-store where you’ll be able to relax with an indulgent Hand & Arm Massage as a dedicated team member offers their personalised advice on your signature Molton Brown scent. Plus, be pampered with our year-round store events for immersive, sensorial experiences.

Explore our full fragrance collections at The Hub, our immersive fragrance station, available in each store.

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