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How to Scent Your Home for Spring.

Your Summer Scents Checklist

A Year in Fragrance


With days light and evenings golden, summer calls for a sparkling new fragrance wardrobe to elevate your sanctuary and keep it fresh.

Bring Flower Fragrance with Gingerlily Aroma Reeds

Bring the outdoors in

Make full use of the sun-soaked days and capture a carefree ambience by bringing the scents in.

Throw open patio doors to create a relaxed summer mood – our Gingerlily Aroma Reeds wonderfully complement flower-filled garden fragrances. Placed centrally, the reeds will continually diffuse and subtly envelop your home in exotic notes.

Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel Collection

Bracing breezes

Journey to new horizons and discover the uncharted with our Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Collection.

Add the delicately fragranced Fine Liquid Hand Wash and Hand Lotion to your en-suite or kitchen and let the invigorating, adventurous fragrance evoke bracing breezes about your home during the height of summer.

Throw open patio doors to create a relaxed summer mood.

Room Sprays

A lighter take

Rotate your soft furnishings to lift the mood of your space. Swap any darker tones and seek out a bright, white palette with cool-toned accessories for a fresh take for the fresh season.

Coordinate the effect by adding Room Sprays – these fragranced formulas uplift rooms with subtle notes and instantly freshen up cushions and throws.

Serene Coco and Sandalwood Collection

Capture the holiday essence

Your summer holiday doesn't have to end when you arrive home.

Brighten up corners of your space with fragrances that are as vibrant as they are scented or capture the essence of your travels with inspired home comforts – our Serene Coco & Sandalwood Collection is inspired by idyllic Filipino beaches for a gentle, comforting caress.

Choose your favourite eau de toilette

Continue the scent trail

With your sanctuary taken care of and elegantly wrapped in harmonic fragrances, turn to your personal fragrance wardrobe to complete the experience.

Continue the scent trail with a spritz or two of your favourite eau de toilette. Arouse the senses with smouldering heat with bestselling Fiery Pink Pepper.