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Pretty Bold

The Crusade For Female Empowerment, Confidence and Gender Equality

Jasmine and Sun Rose Survey

To celebrate the launch of Jasmine & Sun Rose, our fearlessly feminine new collection, we’re exploring what it means to be ‘Pretty Bold’. The idea was born out of the collection’s starring note, the jasmine flower, which is both beautifully delicate yet exceptionally powerful.

To support the campaign, we commissioned an online survey with UK adults* to understand their perception of 'female empowerment' and gender equality, the role social media plays, and how it's all set to change.

A Question of Gender

Our survey participants are confident the gender pay gap will be resolved - a huge 92% of Millennials and 71% of over 35s agree. Additionally, the belief that ‘women will be equally likely as men to reach the highest levels of society’ is replicated across both age groups (79% of Millennials and 71% of over 35s). However, 72% of Millennials believe ‘motherhood will no longer be a barrier to professional success’ compared to just 45% of over 35s.

When it comes to the topic of 'gender biases', 63% of Millennials admit to being aware of what these biases were by the time they reached 16, this compared to a mere 35% of over 35s. Can this difference be attributed to the internet boom and the ease it offers in accessing information?

Let’s Talk Social Media

The Millennials in our survey are quick to recognise the positive influences of social media and tend to attribute these platforms with uniting socially conscious thinkers while driving awareness around gender inequality and female harassment.

69% of Millennials feel that 'social media has been instrumental in advancing gender equality', while 75% believe that it is ‘broadening people’s views on gender identity’. Furthermore 61% believe that social media is a 'force for good', and use it to share their opinions and discuss issues that are important to them, this has resulted in a new wave of activism.

The negative sides of social media are however felt in discussions of body confidence. 72% of Millennials admit to feeling inadequate after seeing 'idealised images', while 62% have gone as far as to edit images of themselves. Furthermore, 69% feel pressured to project a certain image of themselves on social media. Interestingly, only 25% of over 35s feel the same level of pressure, which could perhaps hint at the apparent lack of importance social media plays in their lives.

We must begin by letting people’s voices be heard.

Find Your Voice

Millennials are finding new ways of making their opinions heard, as writer and activist Sinéad Burke comments:

“Molton Brown’s new research shows how Millennials’ natural affinity for social media is enabling them to cultivate a safe space for people to share their lived experience and educate those whose path is different. It makes perfect sense that the resulting upswing in awareness and activism is fuelling a more positive and proactive approach to gender equality than older generations.”

Just Do You!

Finally, when our participants were asked what gives them the confidence to be their true selves, "being me without fear" and "not pretending to be someone I’m not", give you a taste of the positive responses we received.

Through our #OwnYourBold campaign, we want to continue nurturing the conversation around female empowerment by encouraging women to embrace their individuality and inspire others to follow. Be bold and let’s champion modern femininity in all of its beautiful forms.

*Research was conducted on 2,000 UK adults aged 18-65+, including 1,000 men and 1,000 women.

*For the purposes of this study, ‘Millennials’ refers to respondents aged 18-34 years.

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