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Summer Skin Care Routine

Get Beautiful
Glowing Skin

Sit back and enjoy the sun while showing off beautiful skin with our 5-step skin care routine.

1 Cleanse
& refresh

Keep refreshed in the summer heat with a cool shower. The cool water will lower your body temperature and improve skin's appearance, while our gorgeous bath and shower gels lather up to a luxurious foam to cleanse impurities. An invigorating, citrus scent will boost your energy levels and revive your senses.

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Cleanse & refresh Cleanse & refresh

2 Exfoliate

When the summer sun is unforgiving exfoliation is your best friend for flawless skin. Our indulgent body polishers are blended with exfoliating ingredients that remove dead skin cells as well as sunscreen and self-tan build-up, prepping your body for deep hydration.

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3 Moisturise

The heat and endless hours in air conditioned rooms leave skin in need of a pick-me-up. Our lavish body lotions blended with macadamia and Abyssinian oils, are quickly absorbed and have been proven to increase moisture levels up to three times. Use every morning and evening directly out of the shower to lock moisture in.

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Moisturise Moisturise
Summer-proof hair

4 Summer-proof

Just like unprotected skin, hair too suffers from the sun, salt water and chlorine. To safeguard your luscious locks from the season's most trying elements, update your daily hair care routine with a shampoo and conditioner set that suit your type and a repairing mask once a week.

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5 Fragrance

Lighter scents are the antidote to hot summer weather. Our fine eau de toilettes are blended with more natural notes for an elegant, delicately balanced scent that lasts longer. For the warmer months choose one with floral and green notes and keep it in your bag for an instant refresh.

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Fragrance Fragrance

Travel beautiful

Explore our mini toiletries and luxury travel sets to take your favourite blends with you wherever you go. Keep your skin in tip top condition with mini shower gels, body lotions, body polishers and more.

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