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The Philippines travel guide

Coco & Sandalwood

Follow our journey to the paradisiac archipelago of the Philippines to explore the serene beauty that inspired the Coco & Sandalwood Collection.

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The Philippines

With over 7,000 islands, the country is defined by its countless idyllic shores and diverse landscape; emerald rice fields give way to turquoise waters and smouldering volcanoes. Relax by the beach, feel the balmy breeze on a bohemian terrace and find your own hidden paradise.

Culture Food

When to go

January – February

Though the dry season in the Phippines lasts from November to April, January and February are the coolest months; the perfect time for island hopping.


Located in the Pacific Rim of Southeast Asia, but a land apart from the mainland, the Philippines' culture and traditions have developed their own characteristics, influenced by the Spanish and American colonial eras.

The People

Although the tropical archipelago is known for its picture-perfect beaches, it's the people who really captivate the visitors' hearts. Friendly, happy and with a genuine smile they are the embodiment of warmth and hospitality.


The Food

The local cuisine is a cultural melting pot, with Chinese, Malaysian, Thai and Indian influences. However, nothing tastes better than a freshly opened Filipino coconut, the key ingredient in our Coco & Sandalwood Collection. Slowly sip the refreshing juice, then eat the delicious fruit while lounging by the beach under a coconut tree or Tree of Life, as they call it in the Philippines.


Where to visit

Boracay Boracay Stay


Known for its luxury resorts and famous White Beach, Boracay is divided into two parts; the tranquil north and lively south. With restaurants, bars and 12 gorgeous beaches, there is something for everyone in this beautiful island.

Banaue Banaue Discover


In the biggest island of the archipelago, North Luzon, you will find the Unesco-listed emerald rice fields of Banaue. Organise a hike to discover tribal villages and along the way, admire the waterfalls and soak in the local culture.

Palawan Palawan Relax


Unwind in this lesser-known strip of paradise. Take a boat-hopping tour to explore the islets of the Bacuit archipelago, where the water is so clear you can see the fish at 15 metres deep. Or relax at the jungle beach town of El Nido.

The origin of serenity:
Coco & Sandalwood

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