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5 Steps To Skincare Success

Men’s Grooming Guide


Keeping on top of your grooming and skincare regimen needn’t be a chore, stay tuned to discover our top tips for a smooth shave.

Perfectly Cleansed

Perfectly Cleansed

In addition to removing unwanted dirt and build-up for skin clarity, regularly cleansing also restores your PH balance and boosts hydration.

Start with our Balancing Face Wash: formulated with African whitewood extract, it combats excess shine and dirt. Use this gentle face wash every day on normal to oily skin. Follow this with our exfoliating Deep-clean Face Scrub twice a week to cleanse and replenish skin cells.

A Satisfying Shave

A Satisfying Shave

Whether you prefer your face smooth and hairless or bearded and groomed, taming your stubble requires the right products to suit your skin type.

Lather up with our Moisture-rich Shaving Soap; it leaves skin feeling hydrated and comes with a bespoke polished bowl inscribed with our logo. For the tools of the trade, turn to our luxurious Shaving Collection complete with a soft brush, high precision razor and chrome-plated stand to display with pride.

Hydration is Key

Hydration is Key

It would be a shame to let your routine end there - ensure you fortify your hard work by keeping your skin hydrated with a suitable moisturiser.

For normal to oily skin, apply a generous dollop of our Ultra-light Bai Ji Hydrator. This lightweight paraben-free formula contains bai ji and lentil seed for a firm, shine-reducing finish. However, if you have dry skin opt for our Extra-rich Bai Ji Hydrator. blended with macadamia seed oil to defeat dryness.

Regularly cleansing also restores your PH balance and boosts hydration.

Festivities for the Family

Targeting the Problem

Sometimes your skin needs some extra TLC to keep it looking fresh, which is why we have developed a collection of little skincare lifesavers to lend a helping dab.

Take your skincare routine a step further by including our Anti-fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel. This mini miracle worker boasts bai ji and algae extracts to energise tired eyes whilst reducing puffiness and dark circles. Finally, hydrate parched lips with our Vitamin Lipsaver - infused with vitamin E and beeswax, now your lips can stay smooth all year round.

Christmas in Concert

Refresh and Go

It's true that fragrance can tell a lot about a person, so be sure to finish with a few spritzes of your favourite eau de toilette.

For a zesty rush of sea air, opt for our bestselling Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Eau de Toilette. For something more smouldering, the mingling notes of Siberian pine oil, black tea and leather in Russian Leather will do the trick.

To feel the full effects, apply eau de toilette to your pulse points – behind the ear, throat, wrist and elbow. Now you’re ready to take on the world!